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pass has to be integrated throughout the

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# 28.08.2017 - 03:06:52

South St. Paul football coach Chad Sexauer’s son, Cade, is slated to start at quarterback for the Packers this season. So it must be time for the traditionally ground and pound Packers to air it out.

“I’m telling everyone in town we’re going to throw it 50 times a game,” Chad joked.

No https://www.packersgbstore.com/richard-rodgers-jersey-c-75.html, that won’t happen. Sexauer insists on South St. Paul football representing its community via its toughness and physicality. Packers’ drives are often methodical, relying on consistent execution in the ground game.

That commitment to wearing down opponents with 5 and 6 yard rushing gains is the trademark of the program. It’s the reason the Packers have been to four consecutive state tournaments and five in the past six years. It’s also probably one of the reasons they have yet to win a state title.

Sexauer, like many others, was surprised by previously unbeaten South St. Paul’s 24 0 loss to Winona in last year’s Class 4A state quarterfinals. But it provided an opportunity to reflect. He said the Winhawks exposed the Packers’ lack of size. Winona was bigger up front and was able to control the line of scrimmage and, thus, the game. Sexauer said the Packers had a good offseason in the https://www.packersgbstore.com/aaron-rodgers-jersey-c-74.html weight room but knows they still won’t be the state’s biggest Class 4A team. So they have to find other ways to win.

“We have to be able to throw the ball a little bit,” Sexauer said.

The air hasn’t been a valid means of transportation for South St. Paul’s offense in the past when things have gotten challenging on the ground. South St. Paul was 4 for 13 in the air against Winona for 20 yards. In the Packers’ 35 14 loss to Becker in the 2015 state title game, they completed 5 of 20 passes for 80 yards.

“If you look at every team that wins the state tournament, they make critical thirdrd and longs, they find ways to make plays in critical situations,” Sexauer said. “You have to have talent, and kids have to be able to execute. And that’s what we’re trying to be able to foster is to get the third and 1 when you need to and be able to get third and 12 when you need to get 3rd and 12.”

South St. Paul looks to have the personnel to pass this season. Cade Sexauer, who started at safety last season Jahri Evans Jersey, is more of a passing quarterback than the traditional running threats the Packers often put under center.

“I feel like I can throw it better than what we’ve shown over the past years. I’m excited to throw it a little bit more,” Cade said. “That’s a strength of my game. I’m not very fast, but I can throw the ball pretty well. I have to make up for the lack of speed somehow.”

And he said there are plenty of weapons to throw to, including senior tight end Nathan Brandecker.

“We’ve got good wideouts,” senior linebacker Ben Smith said. “We’ve got good athletes all the way around. It should be a nice, balanced offense.”

“It’s definitely another attack to have for the state tournament to keep people away from just blitzing us the whole time https://www.packersgbstore.com/quinten-rollins-jersey-c-76.html,” Cade Sexauer said. “It’s definitely to keep people true so they’re not putting nine guys in the box the whole time.”

That’s all Chad Sexauer wants. He still prefers South St. Paul to be a running team, but the Packers did incorporate more passing drills into camp. Just don’t expect Sexauer to go overboard. He joked he still considers fourth and 7 to be “a running down.”

“You run the ball so well that you make the pass easy,” he said. “And that’s what we’re trying to focus on, is we want to stick to who we are, what our identity is. And then if you can sprinkle some of that passing stuff in there to take advantage of things, great.”

Sexauer said one of the biggest challenges early in the season will be forcing himself to call a few passes. The Packers have proven they can win regular season games by running on nearly every down. And controlling https://www.packersgbstore.com/jahri-evans-jersey-c-25.html possession and the clock early in the year would help South St. Paul’s inexperienced defense come along slowly. But the pass has to be integrated throughout the season if it’s to be an effective option come postseason play.

“Our offensive guys are 100 percent supportive,” Chad Sexauer said. “It’s me on the headset saying, ‘No, no, no, no.’”

“If we drop one, I’m sure all the pass plays will go right out the door,” Cade Sexauer joked. “As long as we catch them, I think he’ll be all right calling them.”

“I wouldn’t say we’re going to be Air Sexauer,” Chad Sexauer said, “but it’s more passing than South St. Paul has done in the past.”
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