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Factory Best Price Roots-Liquid Ring

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# 24.01.2018 - 03:10:52

Comparing with common liquid ring vacuum pumps, the capacity to remain high pumping speed under high or ultimate vacuum degree becomes its main advantage. Liquird ring pump are insensitive to any contamaination which may be present in the gas flow. So except for normal gas suction, this system can also vacuum pump systems special gas with small amount of vapor or dust. Additionally, this system is free from oil pollution, as well as vapor and dust.

Since the 2FV type of liquid ring vacuum pump has been adopted as its fore pump, the 2FV series system is compact-designed with no air leakage and high protection level. Another note, the fore vacuum pump system can be designed as a closed circulation system so to reduce the environment pollution greatly.

Huge suction capacity, low power usage. Saving energy more than 70% when it was used in the power plant.

We design and manufacture according to your requirements. Expert technology, Reliable quality, Best Service All kinds of whole set systems offered by us contain our many years engineering experience and have been widely used in every industry. According to different use demands from different industry, each whole set owns its unique characters based on fully consideration to professional design. From customer aspects, we take care of operation reliability of this vacuum/compression system. Our application experts may provide individual solution according to each customer’s individual demand. In spite of consultation, plan, test or primary inquiry, FUTEN is always believable. Our products High standardsHigh technologyTop-grade qualityExcellent reliability When you have such design demands as vacuum system, energy recycle, installation of temperature controller or work liquid close circulation system, you can contact us. We will provide you with solution plan for optimal vacuum pumps for sale.

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# 31.01.2018 - 13:16:09

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