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The #1 RS gold buy from rsgoldfast

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The update of Elite Skilling Outfits has aroused so many attentions and discussions among RS devotees. Here are latest news from Jagex which will give you some valuable information. Now, time for you to learn more knowledge and buy cheap RS gold to wait and enjoy the update of Elite Skilling Outfits.The details for the Elite Outfits Fragments and Rune Ethereal outfitsWhen you reach level 70 in the appropriate skill, you can speak to the skill cape master for that skill to learn how to collect elite outfit fragments. These fragments will be gathered in the currency pouch when you are training that skill, through any method.To turn the fragments into the outfit pieces, you'll need to learn an Invention blueprint, have 20 Invention for the Gemstone Golem outfit and 21 invention for the Rune Ethereal outfit, and level 80 in the associated skill. The blueprint will not cost any inspiration.What's staying similar to the outfits from TH:1. The outfit pieces will be one-to-one tradeable2. The outfit piece you craft will be random, to encourage trading3. Outfit pieces are reclaimed from Diango4. If you have all 3 normal outfits, they can be combined into the one super outfitNever miss the opportunity of buying cheap runescape gold with up to 8% bonusIt's initially hard for you to level up without runescape gold. RSGOLDFAST 2017 Halloween Party provides cheap runescape gold with 2% - 8% extra bonus if you buy cheap runescape gold above 50M. It's definitely a good chance for you. Please never miss.Jagex is currently looking to release this on the 14th November. Though the original plan was to release within 2 weeks, Jagex has taken extra time to get the outfits just right and make sure it's suitable. Remember to buy cheap RS gold with up to 8% extra bonus on RSGOLDFAST before Oct. 31.

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