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11 rebounds and five assists

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# 12.02.2018 - 07:55:37

In the most recent game against the Warriors, the Spur who stood out most was veteran center Pau Gasol, who notched 18 points, eight rebounds and five assists off the bench. Coach Gregg Popovich made a change in the series against the Rockets and moved Gasol into the starting five, and it's unclear whether he will stick with that here in the conference finals.

Most likely, he will, because the Spurs' big-man depth might be their best chance at negating the Warriors' offensive advantages. The pairing of Gasol (7-0) and LaMarcus Aldridge (6-11) up front is a challenge for the height-challenged Warriors. Gasol can do two things to Golden State.

First, though he does not shoot a ton of 3s (1.6 per game), he can shoot well enough (53.8 percent from the arc) to stretch out the long-armed Golden State defense. He remains an excellent high post passer, too, and finished Game 6 with 10 points, 11 rebounds and five assists. Second, he remains a good rebounder at age 36.

The Warriors are a good rebounding team themselves (they were ninth in rebounding percentage), but the Spurs are better and need to consistently win that rebounding battle to have a chance.

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